What we do

We offer innovative and exciting leading edge approaches for improved health, fitness and performance. Our programs and workshops empower people to explore and experience their full potential.

A journey back to your Natural Form.

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‘The Natural Form Program has been life changing. I am not only feeling healthier, fitter and stronger. I feel motivated and inspired to continue on this journey!’ - Huw Williams


Our modern lifestyles are comfortable and convenient but they are not in line with our evolution. Many of us are no longer naturally establishing strong foundations. How we experience life has changed. We help people to learn and apply the techniques and approaches needed to build a stronger foundation.

Engage with life and explore potential.

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‘My various aches and pains are improving significantly but almost more importantly, I feel stronger, more confident and much more positive about my future health.' - Jill Lethbridge

Our approach

We share and promote strategies and techniques that are at the forefront of health and performance. We believe that in order to build a strong foundation all aspects of health must be considered. To deliver on this promise we work in partnership with some of the best practitioners in the world.

Because knowledge is power.

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'I can’t praise Natural Form highly enough! As a runner who suffers from back pain Natural Form has worked wonders.' - Mickee Jelf

Our story

We understand how injury and pain can lead to a downward spiral of poor health and poor performance. But with the right approach and some consistency. We have also learnt that it is possible to reverse this and return to health and performance.

Our journey is one of learning and growth.

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‘This program really gets to the crux of the problem. It offers those of us with back problems lasting self-help. It just makes perfect sense.' - John Tillyard Registered Chiropractor

Workshops & events

Explore new and exciting approaches for improved fitness and health. From Foundation Training to mobility, movement training, meditation and more! We work in partnership with some of the best practitioners on the planet! New workshop & dates to be announced soon.

Foundation Training

Heal back pain, optimise performance and live strong. Body weight exercise and movement training programs & classes. Created by US expert Dr Eric Goodman Foundation Training is the foundation. New to the UK.

personal training

Bespoke high quality personal training. From strength and conditioning to weight loss and fitness. Our programs are suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Gym sessions, outdoor training and home visits available.

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