MY STORY Pt 2: Cornwall

Unhappy with how I was living my life, I decided to move from London to Cornwall and set up a surf company with a good friend. I made the decision to do this despite my back pain problems. I knew it was a risky decision but I had to make a change.

My goal was to be healthier and happier. Moving to Cornwall was one of the best decisions of my life!

Life in Cornwall is quite different from London and it took some getting used to. When I first moved to Cornwall it was winter. St Ives in winter can be best described as closed.

After I got over the initial shock it didn’t take me long to settle. I can still remember how strange it was when people would pass me in the street and say hello or good morning. You don’t do that in London.

I soon lost weight and I immediately started to become more active. I enjoyed an outdoors lifestyle, hiking, running and surfing regularly.

Life was good in Cornwall and back pain was minimal.

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