MY STORY Pt 2: Morocco

In 2010 I started a surfing holiday business with a good friend. We were operating in South Morocco and I lived there on and off for the best part of two years. It had always been my dream to start a business and this was an exciting period in my life.

MIrleft in Morocco is a special place and I very much enjoyed my time there. I made some great friends and we had some fantastic experiences surfing, exploring and just having fun.

When I lived in South Morocco I was very active, surfing lots and exploring yoga. I was first inspired to explore yoga by my girlfriend (Sophie) and a few interviews that I had seen or read with famous surfers such as Gerry Lopez and Dave Rastovich.

My back pain at this time was quite minimal. It was still there and I knew deep down things were not right, but day to day, generally speaking, I was okay. But that situation was about to change quite dramatically.

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