MY STORY Pt 3: Back pain & drugs

I was just six months into my new job and I was now experiencing excruciating sciatic pain and back ache almost daily. I ignored the pain for a while, hoping it would settle down, but it didn’t.

I went back to the GP in desperation. I’m sure he could see the pain in my eyes and this time I was booked in for an x-ray and an MRI. I was also given a prescription for stronger opiate and codeine painkillers.

Anyone that has had experience with these drugs will know just how dangerous they are in terms of the many side effects and potential addiction.

In the short term however, they eased my pain and I somehow managed to continue working despite being completely spaced out 24/7 from the drugs. I would often drift off and day dream whilst in mid conversation with clients!

Although I was in pain at this time, I did at least felt like something was being done to work out why I was in pain and that was encouraging.

It was around this time that I found an excellent sports massage therapist in St Ives called Ben Donaldson.

Ben is skillful, knowledgeable and very experienced. I was incredibly vulnerable at this point and Ben’s careful and cautious approach was reassuring.

My back always felt better after a session with Ben and I now refer many of my clients to Ben for a deep tissue massage.

Next chapter: The MRI