MY STORY Pt 3: Spinal Surgery

On the day of my surgery I was anxious, excited, scared, desperate and hopeful all at the same time.

I was terrified that I might wake up paralysed but also hopeful that the operation could be a massive success. Could I potentially wake up without sciatic pain? Would I be able to one day surf again?

When I did wake up after the surgery, as you might expect, I was lying in a hospital bed. I was feeling okay but unsure as to whether I should try to move or not.

I can remember being alone in my hospital bed watching life continue on the ward all around me as if it was a TV show and I wasn’t present. It was quite surreal.

I was however actually quite happy and content. It felt a little like having a lottery ticket in your pocket after the draw. Until you check it you could potentially be a millionaire and that’s a nice feeling. Until I moved, I was potentially pain free!

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