I was a little anxious to get the results of my MRI, but also desperately hopeful that somehow the doctors would be able to give me my life back.

By the time I met with my consultant Mr Sharma at Derriford Hospital I was in so much pain that I could barely walk.

Over this period I was incredibly unhealthy and I had put a lot of weight on. I was depressed, short tempered and scared.

I was told that my MRI showed a disc herniation at L5 / L4 and the best course of action at this stage would be to have a micro discectomy.

After some consideration and lots of research I decided to opt for the surgery. I felt like there was no other option and above all else I just wanted the pain to go away.

To make things even more desperate, my girlfriend was due to give birth in less than three months. She called the surgeon to explain our situation and he fast tracked my operation.

Now began the wait for surgery.

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