MY STORY Pt 5: Research

Researching my condition became an obsession.

The internet is a wonderful thing but the amount of information available can be overwhelming.

Finding quality information requires skill, practice and sometimes a push in the right direction from someone with knowledge and experience.

I first contacted Matt Roberts, a well respected trainer in St Ives on the advice a good friend. I wanted to return to the gym in an attempt to get stronger and address the cause of my back pain.

Matt is an excellent trainer. He is experienced, knowledgeable and has an ability to put you at complete ease.

I had 2 private sessions with Matt. He assessed me fully in terms of my range of movement and he opened my eyes to a completely new way of training.

He had me crawling around on the floor, in the middle of a busy gym!

Matt not only offered me an alternative and much more beneficial approach to training, he also pushed me in the right direction in terms of my research.

Matt recommended that I check out athlean x on youtube.

Every time I bumped into Matt he would always take the time to ask how I was and offer advice if he could. Thank you Matt!

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