Who we’re following: Dr Eric Goodman & Foundation Training

Here at Natural Form, we’ve been following Dr Eric Goodman and Foundation Training for a few years now. Eric’s story and experiences with back pain mirror that of my own, and he has become an  inspiration to me.

Eric started out as a personal trainer and went on to study chiropractic therapy, but whilst at college he began to suffer from severe chronic lower back pain. It was so severe  that he was told by several specialists that surgery would be his only option.

However, Instead of opting for surgery, he bravely and ambitiously set out to use and apply his skill and knowledge as a trainer and chiropractic student to address the root cause of his pain. After years of exploring different ideas and techniques, Eric Goodman started to establish a system consisting of simple corrective exercises that were effective in alleviating his lower back pain. This  system would go on to be known as Foundation Training.

Foundation Training has now helped millions of people worldwide to address the cause of their pain, helping them to take responsibility for their own condition and body. I certainly would not be where I am today without Foundation Training.

Eric and his team continue to work hard developing Foundation Training and sharing it with the world. You can start following Dr Eric Goodman and Foundation Training on facebook, instagram and youtube or you can visit their website for more info.

Good health, James @ Natural Form