A life of chronic back pain


A life of chronic back pain! 

That was my life 5 years ago. Sounds dramatic doesn’t it! But trust me. It really was a rubbish time and I am glad it is now behind me!

In brief. The story begins . . . .

I moved to Cornwall from London in 2008 and discovered surfing. It quickly became an obsession.

However, in 2012 I found myself in a dark place. I was in so much pain with sciatica that I could barely walk. I was overweight, unfit and depressed.

I didn’t know what was causing my sciatica and back pain. 

And I had no idea how to fix it. 

My GP gave me drugs for the pain.

Things got worse. And I got given more drugs. Stronger drugs. This cycle went on for almost a year.

Then in 2013 with no other option. Or so I believed at the time. I ended up having surgery. A micro discectomy at L4/L5. It was scary.

But it worked! At least in the short term anyway.

Unfortunately six months later the pain started to return. But more about that another time.

The sad reality is that my story is not unique. 

Lots of people suffer from chronic (long term) back pain. It is a very common condition. About 80% of all adults will at some point experience chronic back pain.

And it can have a massive impact on your life! 

It can lead to you losing your job. To a loss independence and freedom. The freedom to do the things that you love. The things that you might have previously taken for granted. Things like going for a walk. Playing with your children. Gardening.

Or in my case surfing.

But it doesn’t need to be this way! 

There is another way.

You see. I don’t have back pain anymore. I went surfing yesterday. I feel fitter, stronger and healthier than ever!

For now, just consider this . . . . 

Life without back pain is possible! 

James 'no more back pain' Gorman