I decided to take responsibility


Before I continue . . . .

Let’s just take a moment and put things in context. To do this I will need go back to my story (briefly) . . . .

So it's 2013. I’ve just had spinal surgery. I feel quite good. It was a keyhole microdiscectomy. I'm out of the hospital the day after. And the sciatic pain is gone! Things had improved.

And I was happy.

Fast forward six months. And I was finally getting my life back on track.

Then, out of nowhere . . . .  

The pain returned. And I panicked. It seemed so unfair! How could this be happening again? Why me? I was so angry!

But it was at this moment that I had a realisation. And I made a decision. A big decision. A life changing decision.

I decided to take responsibility for my situation.

It was a liberating moment. And I was more determined than ever. I just couldn’t go back to how I was before. I needed to sort this out. And fast.

No one could do it for me. I had to do it. 

But where to start? First of all I needed to better understand my condition. So I researched. I researched a lot!

By accident I stumbled upon an article online. Kelly Slater (famous surfer) was pictured doing some funny looking exercises.

I was intrigued. 

Little did I know that those funny looking exercises would soon heal my back pain.

More about those funny looking exercises next time.

James ‘take responsibility’ Gorman