This Week at Natural Form 18th June 2019

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News and Updates

All Natural Form Classes are running as normal this week. If you haven't booked in yet please do so ASAP. Classes have been very busy recently and there limited places available. Go to the website and follow the link for classes

Special Offer Up To 20% OFF Natural Form Classes!

Book x 6 classes and get 10% OFF - £54

Book x 12 classes and get 20% OFF! - £96

Please note that I have changed the booking process for the special offers. Email for more info.

Please be aware that this offer is only available until Thursday the 20th of June.

Technique Review: CARS

I recently attended the FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) Certification in Liverpool. It was fantastic! A very intense experience but I learnt a lot. It has taken my understanding of mobility and the philosophy behind the FRC system to a whole new level.

I am still very much trying to process all of the information and deciding how to best incorporate it into the Natural Form approach. There is however one aspect of the FRC system that I will be introducing almost immediately. This aspect is known as CARS (Controlled Articular Rotations).

Here is Dr Spinna to explain . . . .

Put simply CARS is used as a daily maintenance routine for joint health. I am not going to go into the science here but if you are interested let me know and I will happily explain.

In terms of what to expect. You may well experience some improvements in terms of mobility but really this about keeping and maintaining the range that you already have. CARS is also used to assess joint health and to identify limited ranges.

A full CARS routine will take approx 10 - 15 mins and it is recommended to do this daily. I will be introducing CARS as part of the warm up at the beginning of sessions and classes. The idea is that once you have learnt the techniques you can then practice this at home.

There are some excellent CARS tutorial videos but you can only access them via the members only area of the FRS / FRC website. And to get access to that you have to do the certification. I have however found one video online that should give you a bit of an idea as to what a CARS routine looks like.

More of this coming soon!

This Week's Workout - Core

Prone decompression

8 Point plank x 2 (80% maximal effort approx 30 - 40s hold)

Horse stance dynamic (x 10 - 20 R & L)

Abdominal crunches (80 % maximal effort approx 20 - 30 reps)

Supine decompression trying to lift heels (40 - 60s)

Single leg raises (x 10 R & L)

Double leg raises (approx x 6 - 15 reps)

Bear crawls (x 5 reps crawl length of mat forward & backwards = 1 rep)

Repeat routine

* Please only do the exercises that you feel comfortable and confident with. In particular please proceed with caution when doing the double leg raise. This is an advanced exercise. Links have been provided for exercises that you might not be familiar with. Please stop immediately if you experience any pain.

Something of Interest - Atomic Habits 

Following on from my last email about consistency. This week I thought it would make sense to consider how we actually go about improving consistency. In my opinion a key aspect is daily habits and routines. Here is James Clear on London Real to explain . . . . 

Have a great week!

This Week at Natural Form 2nd of May 2019

This week at Natural Form . . . . . Outdoor training locations. Clients taking cold showers! Foundation Training 8 Point Plank technique review with Dr Eric Goodman plus a closer look at FRC (Functional Range Conditioning).