Foundation Training: Funny looking exercises!

Kelly Slater doing Foundation Training

Kelly Slater doing Foundation Training

Back to those funny looking exercises. You know. The ones that Kelly Slater, worlds best surfer was doing.

Turns out that was Foundation Training. But what on earth is Foundation Training? 

Put simply . . . .

Foundation Training is a powerful exercise and movement system that can help to ease chronic pain issues such as lower back pain.

Foundation Training is the creation of Dr Eric Goodman.

Having suffered with chronic back pain for years Dr Goodman set on a mission to firstly understand why he was in pain and secondly to heal his back pain and avoid surgery.

Foundation Training was born out of this process. It has now helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

It is a simple yet powerful exercise and movement system.

And it can be learnt by anyone!

From ordinary people to high level performance athletes and even several famous Hollywood actors!

Personally. Finding Foundation Training was a pivotal moment in my life. It got me on the right track. And I haven’t looked back since!

These techniques are very powerful!

It looks simple. And it can be learnt by anyone. But this is life changing stuff. I am so grateful that it exists.

Without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I first started doing Foundation Training the day after I read the article with Kelly Slater.

It took less than six weeks for me to start noticing the benefits. After twelve weeks the pain that I had been experiencing was almost completely gone! 

And my body was starting to feel different. It’s actually quite hard to describe. I was standing taller. And I was moving in a different way. A more powerful way. Several people even commented on my improved posture!

I have now been doing Foundation Training everyday for almost 4 years. I have also recently been out to California to study with Dr Eric Goodman and his team. I am now proud to be a Foundation Training instructor.

One of only 10 instructors in the UK. 

Foundation Training is still very new here. Next time I will tell you how to get started with Foundation Training.

If you’re interested that is?

James ‘funny looking exercises’ Gorman

PS Here’s Dr Eric Goodman the Founder of Foundation Training . . . . .