Client Testimonial Jacqui

'Having worked with James for several months, his programme has eliminated my back pain and also been pivotal in allowing me to engage with life more actively. In the first instance, strengthening my core and re-learning how to move was life-changing!  My lower back pain used to wake me if I turned over during the night, and I had given up gardening; I had to be very careful doing yoga, and I lived with back discomfort daily.

Before the six week programme was over, I took up an Intermediate Ballet class which I hadn't done since I was 19, started rock climbing again, and was happy to be pottering in the garden!  Other areas of pain from old injuries in my neck and shoulder started to heal as I learned to hold myself and move more sensibly. Since then I have given up yoga as some poses activated my back, and instead do my short routine of daily Foundation Training exercises which I know are fine-tuned to my back health. 

Back pain affects all aspects of one's life, and to be free is liberating. In ignorance I had thought I would live with back pain for ever, so James' gift of back strengthening and lengthening education lives with me every day instead! Continually assessing the individual needs of his clients and working sensitively and carefully, James creates the path which you can follow towards your full potential.  He is clearly personally invested in each person's journey, and draws on his vast knowledge of how the musculoskeletal system works. It was great to be inspired by James' own motivation and positive energy, and I now count him as a friend!'

- Jacqui Riordan