Back Pain Success Stories: Mickee

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'I can’t praise Natural Form highly enough! As a runner who suffers from back pain James has worked wonders in putting together suitable exercises to alleviate my back pain. I would highly recommend James and Natural Form to anyone who is suffering with lower back pain.' Mickee

Mickee is a talented and experienced distance runner. She is incredibly passionate about running and she pushes herself hard when training and competing.

Mickee had been suffering with lower back pain for years and it was starting to become a problem during and after running. To address the root cause of Mickee's back pain we created her a strength and movement program and we got to work. 

From the very first session Mickee took to the program, learning the movements and exercises quickly and putting the time in at home. The results were amazing! In less than 4 weeks Mickee had started to notice a significant improvement and it wasn't long before she was running pain free.

This month Mickee has completed an ultra marathon and a 12 hour non stop running event pain free! Mickee has continued to train with us here at Natural Form and it has been truly inspiring to watch her transformation and share her journey.