What we’re reading: True to Form by Dr Eric Goodman


True to Form by Dr Eric Goodman is a fantastic book and must read for anyone wanting to improve their posture, move better and address the cause of pain with corrective exercise. Eric Goodman, the creator of Foundation Training, is someone that inspires us here at Natural Form, so naturally,  we ordered this book on the day of its release. It offers a simple but well considered explanation as to why so many of us struggle with chronic pain and more importantly how you can address the cause of your pain.

The book includes a very practical guide that will help you apply the principles of Foundation Training in everyday life. It also offers to aid progression and development in terms of the range of exercises listed in the first book.

This book has the potential to change lives and we feel so strongly about this that we give all of our back pain clients a free copy as part of our back pain self management program.

To gain more insight into Foundation Training and the concepts outlined in True to Form search on instagram and youtube or you can visit their website for more info.

True to Form is available online from Amazon.

Good health, James @ Natural Form