You need a WHY!


I wanted to share something with you.

I was talking with a friend recently. Out of the blue she asked me a very interesting question. And it really got me thinking.

This is what she asked me . . .

'Why do people actually want to get fit and healthy?’ 

Followed by . . .

'What is so bloody special about being healthy anyway . . . Is it really worth the time and effort?’

I have my own answer to this question. However, my answer is not important here. It comes from the perspective of a person that has already prioritised good health and fitness.

Instead, I’d like to know what my answer would have been 5 years ago. Before I changed my life. Before I started to experience first hand the benefits of good health and fitness.

I am interested in this because it is directly linked to motivation. 

And motivation is essential. It is a key requirement. Without it, you’ve got no chance! 

If you want to succeed then you have to have a WHY! And it has to be powerful enough to motivate and inspire you.

More importantly . . . . 

It has to keep you motivated and inspired! 

The reality is that changing your lifestyle can be quite tricky. Temptation and excuses are everywhere. And life has a habit of throwing you off track.

It can be a nightmare!

So what can you do? Well. You need a why. Over the years I have helped lots of people. Some have experienced life changing results. But some have not. My approach and commitment is always the same.

So what’s the difference? Why do some people get there and others do not? 

Well, there are lots of reasons.

But at the core . . . .

Everything links back to having a powerful why. 

A why that you return to everyday. A why that gets you through the hard times. A why that makes the end achievement feel so special!

Sounds good I hear you say. But how do you work out what your why is?

Well, it’s a very personal thing. But to help you out. Next time I’ll share one of my why’s. And also a few good ones that I have heard from clients in the past.

Until then. Perhaps just consider what your why might be?

James 'why' Gorman