Personal Training Success: Becky Simpson


Well done Becky!!!

Messages and posts like this mean so much to me. Thank you Becky Simpson for taking the time to share this and well done. You are AWESOME!

'This is not just a pair of jeans, this is a personal goal smashed, with the help of Natural Form. Back in November I set two challenges. 1. To fit into these and for them to be comfortable. 2. To feel better about myself before a family wedding.

This weekend we are going to that family wedding. With the help of James at Natural Form I can now get these jeans on and pull them down without undoing the button! I feel so much more confident in my body! So a massive thank you Natural Form!

I just want to say that anyone who is thinking about hiring a personal trainer, James is fantastic and will help you achieve whatever you set your mind too! I highly recommend him and his professional service!' - Becky Simpson Natural Form Client

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 — at Natural Form - Studio of Movement.