Personal Training Client Helen Wilson

Helen Wilson at The Natural Form Studio

Helen Wilson at The Natural Form Studio

I first met Helen back in April 2017. She wanted to do some personal training sessions to improve her fitness and lose some weight. Her story is one of of hard work, inspiration and achievement!

I can remember her very first personal training session . . . . 

We had to train in her garden because she didn't feel confident enough to exercise in public. She struggled with basic exercises like bodyweight squats and lunges and she only managed a couple of laps jogging around the garden. Her posture was poor and she had some shoulder issues.

But what she lacked in fitness and ability at this point. She 100% made up for in terms of determination, focus and drive!

We started out slowly introducing exercises and working on technique, posture and core strength. We introduced some cardio and we made some changes in terms of diet and nutrition.

The improvements soon followed.

So much so I thought that it would be a good idea to set her a challenge. I decided on the Porthtowan 10K Freedom Racing Trail Running event. This was ambitious but Helen absolutely rose to the challenge and completed the race with me back in Sept 2017. And she has since gone to complete the Southampton Half Marathon in May 2018 with her daughter Shelley!

Helen now has an excellent level of fitness, strength and good posture. Her shoulder doesn't cause her pain anymore and she has never felt better!

But how has Helen managed to do this?

Well firstly. Helen is very consistent with her training. Never missing a session and often making me feel like a wimp for not wanting to train outdoors on a cold December evening! Secondly she always gives 100%. Thirdly she had a powerful and personal WHY that motivated her even when things got tough.

Here is a short edit from a personal training session with Helen last week at the Natural Form Studio. She punches a lot harder now as well!!

James 'inspired by my clients' Gorman

Helen Wilson Testimonial . . . . 

'Heartfelt thanks for your expertise, encouragement and support over the past 12 months. Never did I imagine 12 months ago (when I would only exercise at home and in the garden ) that my fitness and confidence would improve to such a level that I would be running the Southampton half marathon!

The sessions and training schedule have been hard work but fun, with fitness now being an ongoing lifestyle change for myself and Shelley. Your approach and dedication is amazing! I was never made to feel awkward because of my age and that I should be at home knitting!  It is such a lovely atmosphere when training at the studio.

Look forward to  meeting up for coffee and more training when the half marathon is completed and I promise no naughty words!' - Helen Wilson