Who we’re following: Ido Portal & The Movement Culture

Ido Portal is a truly fascinating and inspiring person. We have been following him and his movement culture for several years now and for good reason. He is one of the few people brave enough to truly think outside of the box.

He is passionate about movement and promoting how to live life as a generalist, and not as a specialist. He now has a following worldwide and his ideas have influenced some of the top athletes on the planet, including Conor McGregor - professional mixed martial artist and boxer.

Ido Portal has inspired Natural Form to develop a daily movement practice that has had a profound effect on our athletic capabilities and specifically joint range of movement and general mobility. He has opened our eyes to a whole new way of training and moving!

London Real recently released a documentary film offering a rare insight into Ido's philosophy, approach and background. You can watch it here . . . 

You can follow Ido Portal on facebook, instagram and youtube or visit the website. We would also recommend that you check out his interviews with Brian Rose at London Real for a deeper insight.

Good health, James @ Natural Form